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Other ethnic groups in the east 1. Contained literature, language, and culture but no political action a. Creation of modern states creates idea of all ethnicities having their own state a. Austria ceased to be either a German or Italian power.

It create a divide in their monarchy and made them upset because they believed tat a greater Serbia would be harmful iv. These groups will be responsible for mounting tensions between the Serbians and the Austro-Hungarians.


The visit itself showed German indication to protect Morocco against Frenchdesigns. The common fear of Polish rebellion during and after the revolt of caused Bismarck and Germany to offer German Support 4.

It was the oldest dynasty in Europe, having a long history that was bound to the Romans and one that was against the Turks. With the creation of new modern states united by ethnicity, such as Germany, other ethnicities began to desire an independent state for themselves, putting Europe in a state of disagreement.

There were about 2 and a half million Poles living in Austria, but they were absent in Hungary. Two meetings of Slav politicians at Fiume and Zara demanding full rights of self- government for Austrian Slavs and to end the dual system that enabled Magyars to oppress them iv.

The Long Fuse: An Interpretation of the Origins of World War I

The Serbs experienced brief independent success, but later on faced foreign rule by the Turkish and of course the Habsburg. Conservatives viewed freeing Poland as something that would cause war and also realized that the status quo in which there was no Poland was also a cause for war, where as the liberals sought determination of all peoples as an end above peace 7.

He agreed that Germany was partially responsible. Most of the European countries were considered states as they were unified in language, culture, sense of nationalism etc. Chancellor von Bulow German Chancellor who arranged the Moroccan crisis.

Long Fuse Notes

Ethnicity was generally not an important thing 2. The majority of nationalities were subject to oppression by those of higher intelligence like the Magyars and the Germans. The emperor of Germany.

Not always the correct way of examining it b. Long Fuse Notes “Truth and the Historian” Main argument This is both an introduction to the book and an essay about the causes of World War I, as seen by other historical writers and Lafore himself.

The actions of Serbia, responding to the pan-Slav movement to which Russia was sympathetic, constituted the last pre-holocaust flicker of the long fuse.

Fuse (electrical)

Taking pains to point out the confidence with which the powers envisioned a brief conflict, the author further indicates that the inclinations of Austria-Hungary and Germany to regard the.

carefully read and take notes on Lawrence Lafore’s The Long Fuse. Second, you are to. prepare an outline of The Long Fuse. The outline must consist of: a paragraph concisely summarizing the major ideas of Lafore in each chapter of the book, followed by.

Long Fuse Outline and Seminar Assignment. Long Term Memory, LTM Long term memory (LTM) is the relatively permanent store that can hold vast amounts of information for long periods of time. STM &#; ELABORATIVE REHEARSAL &#; LTM Elaborative rehearsal is a complex processing of data, it associates new information with information already stored in LTM.

Long Fuse Notes Essay Words | 29 Pages. neglectful of modern ideals and lifestyles. Croats on the other hand had a more sophisticated reputation and level of independence.

Long Fuse Notes “Truth and the Historian” Main argument This is both an introduction to the book and an essay about the causes of World War I, as seen by other historical writers and Lafore himself.

Long fuse notes
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