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Eligibility Declaration- how you have proved that they are eligible for the course according to funding requirements Be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to that person.

Scheme of work Becoming familiar with key legislation is a part of my responsibility as a teacher enabling me to set the standard expected of my role as a teacher, with in these legislations would be The mental capacity act Torbay trust care as I am teaching individuals with a learning disability.

All storage and processing of personal data held in manual records and on computers in the workplace should comply with the regulations of the act.

Copies of certificates 7. ILP Individual learning plans 2. Taking action swiftly at an early stage can help stop further grievances and help the individual to move forward and enjoy the learning path they have chosen to take.

Copies of a progress matrix for each learner 3. Progress review- link to the tracker and ILP 5. Be obtained fairly and lawfully.

Ptlls Cu3812

They do not happen in isolation. Therefore some children need to be taught how to play. I have a legal duty to carry out risk assessments where hazards may exist within my workplace to reduce the likelihood of harm to myself or others, whether it is an informal assessment Ptlls cu3812 mentally before I start my lesson, making sure there is the right level of staff to learns making it a safe environment for all to be supported to learn, or a formal risk assessment carried out to form part of the workplace health and safety policies.

Every teacher works to a code of practice which must be abided by, respecting the individuality of each learner supporting them to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills while respecting different cultures, religious belief, physical abilities and diversity to each learner from the way I teach to how the lesson is structured.

I would all ways promote appropriate behaviour and respect to other as it set a safe environment to learn in and encouraging kindness, sharing and respect as it sets in positivity to the learners, also showing acknowledgment when needed letting them know what they are and have achieved. Play develops a number of skills: In my lesson plan setting the room up before my learners turn up would be first, it would include a health and safety check ensuring equipment and work space is safe to use, ensuring everything is accessible to each individual, ensuring the COSSH door is locked and anything causing a hazard is dealt with, all appropriate signs are up.

All information is confidential and only those people who need to know the information will have access to it with consent of the learn.

Fine and gross motor skills Sensory knowledge sight, hearing, taste, touch, exploration of space Exploration of different roles Development of social skills — best indicator of success at school Development of cognitive skills Development of problem solving skills and thinking skills Development of language skills Play enables children to show their mental representations of the world and enables children to interpret their world.

Play provides a medium for learning. There are many theories of play — most notable would be Piaget, Vygotsky and Bateson Through play language can be developed in the following areas: I also promote professional behaviour understanding my duty as a teacher and my boundaries to the learner, recognising the collaborative nature of the profession of learning and teaching.

Through play children, among other things, develop language that then is the basis for literacy skills that are taught at schools. Be held for specified and lawful purposes. Be kept accurate and up to date.

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In unstructured play children choose the activity and make their own rules. Personal contact details- need to be able to contact the individual Adults often direct structured play and there are rules etc.

A tracker form details who I am seeing and when 4. Be subject to appropriate safeguards against unauthorised use, loss or damage. Be transferred outside the European Economic Area only if the recipient country has adequate data protection.

There are many ways in which individuals learn so identifying this at an early stage is important as I can plan the lesson to meet their needs ensuring all is in place to support and teach different levels for all, recording and reviewing their progression supporting their outcome by identifying when change is needed, extra support could be given or maintaining the skills the learner has.

CU Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Lifelong Learning 9 (Two sessions are acceptable if PTLLS is delivered as the first unit of the Certificate in Teaching programme). Learners will learn via the web links and references, and will be strongly recommended to use EDI Level 4 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong.

EDI Level 3 Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector To be awarded this qualification, the learner must achieve a minimum of 12 credits: 3 credits from Group A, 6 credits from Group B and 3 credits from Group C.

ptlls assignment Essay  Level – 4 (Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector) - PTLLS The following are headings for broad areas students will have to research to show evidence of competence in PTLLS. Below is an essay on "Ptlls Example of Micro Teach" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.


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PTLLS is the first Unit of both the Certificate to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTLLS) and the Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS). The qualification is a mandatory requirement during the first year of service for all new teachers/trainers joining the Learning and Skills sector after September

Ptlls cu3812
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